So I officially started my (first?) Cobbelstone- and if it isn’t the right size I will curl up into a fetal position and make a primal scream! (so much for patience). I was so tired last night that I practically was laying on the couch knitting.. It was a combination of having had guests for late dinner and drinks the night before and my headaches (that has been down to a minimum lately) that peaked yesterday- and I had to start up the full dosage of pills..

For the uninformed: I am not going to create a blog about illnesses, but it WILL be a blog about my life and hobbies; e.g. a lot of knitting and some other ingredients from my little- but good- life.

The headache is supposedly Paroxysmal hemicrania- and I have to travel to Porsgrunn today for a follow- up appointment with the neurologist. 2 1/2 hours to drive one way.. So much for that day. But looking at it from the bright side: I can talk with myself alot in the car. I can listen to favourite radio programs and if I’m early I can knit in the waiting room.

My friend who lives in Japan- but is Norwegian- from this town- is coming home for a 5 week visit tomorrow and I’m going to look for a 50’th birthday present for her today before or after my appointment. I’ve pondered what to get her for so long.. I think I have a couple of good ideas lurking in my forehead today(is that were ideas lurk? Probably in the creative part of the brain- which is not behind my forehead excaxtly)

My youngest daughter just got up and we agreed on having breakfast together so I better finish this..

My oldest is practicing for “Marispelet” these days, the Hubby went to work this morning(he has home office on Mondays and Fridays and work out of town from Tuesday morning till Thursday afternoon) so he has a two and a half hour drive ahead too. But not quite in the same direction as I’m going. 

Smart yarn as mentioned in previous post. Tweed style. I use needle size 3 1/2 (european measurment) Cobblestone is in English but I think it will be fairly easy to follow. I’m not that experienced at using patterns in English yet.  When we lived in Canada I used Norwegian patterns that I had brought with me when I moved there)

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