Early morning -again!

What’s going on? I woke up before 6 am again! Am I getting THAT old or what? Mind you – i was ready to fall asleep in the chair at 11pm last night- so maybe i can’t expect more sleep than 7 hours.. I had to take some pills almost right away since my headache set in right away today. Man – this “affliction” is driving me nuts at times. Wonder how it’s going to go when school starts again…

Even though Hubby is home I have been up by myself for an hour now. He is often awake early since he is up before six the mornings he sleeps over at is out-of-town-job. Actually I love spending some time all alone – in complete silence, drinking coffee, listening to my dog snoring (even she thought it was too early for breakfast and a walk!) She barely looks at me when I take a photo of her on “her” couch..

Yesterday was spent at home for the most part. I did some laundry and made some waffles for our aftenoon coffee, but otherwise I was knitting on the porch, putting my woolen sweater on and taking it off as the sun was coming and going. I needed the day doing as little as possible since I had two busy days behind me and my head isn’t good these days. Today I’m on the list for helping out at “Marispelet” in the afternoon.

The last load of laundry yesterday was actually some old, white sheets and some lovely chrochet that I dyed pink. Have planned for it a long time go, thinking I could make bedroom curtains out of it.

By the time Hubby came home and I had gotten chicken wings out of the fridge for him to BBQ, it was raining and he had to wheel the barbeque underneath the canopy in order to get the job done.

My friend, who came home from Japan the night before, came over and we had supper together, walked the dog, and had a good gab and a few good laughs before she went home arond 10pm.

She is always home for a few weeks in summer and around Christmas time. The summer weeks ar , if possible, the best because I’m off work and my mind isn’t trying to juggle as many things as around Christmas.

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