The day just whizzed by.. I went grocery shopping, had some lunch with my mother, went home to read the papers- and fell asleep. Useless is what i was until it was time to get off the couch and make supper. My oldest came home from rehearsals before I even got started frying ground beef for nachos..

It’s raining now, dripping off the canopy on the porch. The youngest just got in the door from walking a wet dog. She needs help drying Emma off, the dog wants to play with  the towel!

We are just staying in doing nothing tonight. Watching TV, surfing the net a bit, eating some bad-for-you-chips  and some good-for-you-strawberries  …    and me: I will knit a little.

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  1. Hei=)

    Så du hadde vært inne på sia mi=) Koselig kommentar=D Tror nok det kommer mange strikkeprodukter fra meg de neste åra, målet er jo å få det som yrke så er et stort håp! Er forresten innom rjukan om høsten som regel, på badeland=) Har hytte på veggli, så om det er dårlig vær reiser vi til rjukan og bader=)

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