A morning of better quality

Both Hubby and I woke up at seven, but we went to bed fairly early last night so we had enough sleep.. I woke up with a tension headache like the two previous mornings and my paroxystic headache set in with the first sip of coffe and I had two attacks, one after the other. But now I am better than the two days before, so I am quite content that it seems to have peaked and I might be on the slow slope downwards where I ‘ll experience better days with fewer attacks.

I helped out at the house where Marispelet( the local outdoor play I have mentioned before) has their facilities for sewing, keeping and mending costumes, where they do make up etc. 

When I came home Hubby had steaks veggies and potatoes on the barbeque, a wine bottled was opened and there was ice cream for dessert. Lucky me! We were about to go out and meet some friends uptown but they cancelled so we stayed home and watched a film with the girls.

I ended my Blogger-blog with showing the photoes from the walk we did along the Aker river in Oslo. Here are some shots from the last part of our day: We went to the Munch museum

and did a part of the botanical gardens that is located right by the museum.

The girls with their fake Louis Vuitton purses



We were pretty beat after a great day :

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