probably not a good thing…

I think maybe we need to go on MSN in order to talk to each other in this family:

me (laptop from work)

Hubby. Hard to say if it is work or play… He has home office two days a week.

Oldest with Hubby’s previous work laptop.

Youngest with Hubby’s first work laptop.

In addition we have a stationary computer that is upgraded in every way.

Wonder what it is like to have eye contact..?

Good thing we are going to the cottage in August. One TV. One TV channel. The dog will be happy! We will regain some sanity..


2 responses to “probably not a good thing…

  1. I see you have’nt posted anything new? Nothing happening in your life?

    Your secret admirer

  2. Hehe, kjenner til det der, ja. Vi er 3 stk i familien, og har også 3 pc’er i hus.

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