Porch, cold beer, good weather…and Cobblestone

I wrote this lasxt night and thought I had published it. Obviously not, but here it is:

The weather is Summer!! That’s a luxury I breathe in as much as possible..

Tonight we are sitting outside with candles lit, beer, dog, daughter-on and off- waiting for the oldest daughter to come home from Marispelet. We’ve been at the beach today, that is, Hubby was at home cutting hedges in the blazing sun in the meantime.

This is how far I’ve gotten on the Cobblestone project.

Our dog is shedding enough hair that someone could make a sweater outof it , says Hubby (is he living with a knitter or something..?) So Hubby bathes her and brushes her -and is obciously on a mission to get the hair off her this way rather than on the floors- where it drives us up the wall!!!

Although- this dog certainly has her privileges in this house…. Her  daytime favourite sleeping place- a couch from the 40’s

One response to “Porch, cold beer, good weather…and Cobblestone

  1. Å du er så heldig som kan nyte sola….var ute en par timer i dag med mørke solbriller og alt men fikk likevel solmigrene:-p

    Nyt litt for meg også da!!

    Og så lykke til med flotte coblesteinen din;-D

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