Visit my town sometime!

I am helping out at Marispelet these days, the facilities get so stuffy after a few hours, all those people changing into costumes, getting makeup on. I help with the snacks and coffee and the clean-up. We are there from 1.30 until 6:30 pm so you’re pretty beat at the end of it.

Last night I had a cold beer when I got home; unbelievably gooooood! Then a shower and off to a night uptown to meet friends. The pub was so crowded you could harldly move in there. It was almost like the weekend around kjerringsveiven

I right now I’m having some ONLY ME time!!! Don’t happen very often. Only me and Emma in the house. So this is the ingredients for a great hour to myself before going back to help out at Marispelet again this afternoon. This is the last show for this summer, but next year they’ll be back. Plan for a trip to my town around that time next year, people!! We could arrange a knitting gathering around the same time!

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