Peace in the mountains.

woke up at six here at the cottage yesterday morning. The mist was visible and made magic landscapes like this:


I love getting outside right away, bringing my coffee mug and knitting.


We’ve had a couple of days with intense heat even at this altitude. Bugs of all sorts had to be warded off with sprays and roll-ons.

I brought with me all my dad’s woodcarving from home to put up here at the cottage. It fit in better in this interior than at my house. Here I am hanging up a rug that comes from my great-grandmother’s farm so it might have been woven around 1900. That means the colours must come from nature dyes and that they must have made yarn and dyed it – if not at the farm itself, so at least it’s a great possibility it was done locally. Dad made the carved top for it .

3 responses to “Peace in the mountains.

  1. Ser skikkelig koselig ut!

  2. ser ut som dere har det kjempe herlig oppe på hytten. Det er nydelig der opp ser jeg av alle bildene.

  3. Så deilig det så ut på hytta dere. Ja, minus småinsekter, da, men de finnes jo overalt.

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