Back home for a few days..

We will be going up to the cottage again on Tuesday, but for now we are back in “The civilized world!. We had showers, put on laundry.

Tomorrow I’m driving my oldest to a mountain Inn where she might be working in the future. She is starting high school this fall, so we are of course talking about a job on the side. Hope it will work out. She worked Saturdays in a flower shop for a year and a half before so she knows a bit about working while in school. This job will be some work in the kitchen (dishes), cleaning rooms, helping out serving meals etc.

On Sunday I’m going to a surprise birthday party for my friend who is home from Japan. She is visiting her brother tomorrow, thinking she is just visiting them for a couple of days. Meanwhile we are showing up for a party to celebrate her 50th birthday.. She is herself leaving on the bus tomorrow, I’m going in my car on Sunday. It’s a fairly long drive, so I get to stay overnight at their house till Monday. Maybe my friend will end up going back with me then.. We are 4 coming from this town, but the other three wants to go back the same day.

Here are some shots of THE BIG EVENT we experienced up at the cottage: Our 5 year old dog finally decided to swim, something she always was too afraid to do before!!

You would think it was our baby taking her first steps, that’s how elated we were!

Here some other early morning shots from the cottage. A spider web and morning mist with Gausta top in the background.

5 responses to “Back home for a few days..

  1. Så koselig å se bilder fra hytta deres 🙂 Doggen her (4 år) har ennå ikke lagt på svøm til tross for masse lokking og luring, men nå fikk jeg nytt håp etter å ha lest her! God helg 🙂

  2. Flinke bisken!
    Og for et flott spindelvev – et lite kunstverk.
    Ha en flott helg videre!

  3. For et flott bilde du har fått tatt av spindelvevet!

  4. Fin-fine sommerbilder!

  5. Ingenting som å ta en varm dusj etter å vært uten en stund.

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