At the cottage again

We went back up in the mountains again yesterday. The weather forecast wasn’t that great but who cares? I was up first today- as usual- and the fog is up close, the grass is wet and Emma doesn’t want to spend any time outside by herself. She is whining about it…


Will you come outside with me if I lay very nicely right here? It’s no fun being outside all by myself..

I might as well have a waiting-nap…


I started the sleeve on the jacket for my youngest last night- only to discover that I forgot to bring the green yarn I need for just a few rounds around the wrist.  So now i just have to wait for my oldest who is coming tonight after work. I’ll measure my youngest again on her back to see if I can knit a little further on the body itself while I’m waiting.. Don’t you always want to knit when you can’t!!!

Regarding my oldest who got a job:It is  at a mountain Inn. She started  last week and she is working every day now until schools starts Wednesday next week. The job is seasonal so in November they close up and next rush of guests is from February unless some company books a Christmas party in December..

 The big, grown up girl….. I’m so lucky to have two wonderful girls still living at home for a few years.

One response to “At the cottage again

  1. Skjønn hund du har!

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