7:00 AM Sunday morning

The dog barked at the door and I thought it must be urgent since she can be quite lazy in the morning.. I got up without knowing what time it was- it was light and I felt refreshed, that so it must be allright.            After putting coffee on I realized it was 7 in the morning, grey skies and the dog came back in with a loudly screaming stomach-a sure sign that she has been into something that is not meant for dogs, and now she is curled up in her bed , food untouched..

I ‘m having my favourite cottage morning, though: Up by myself, radio on, good coffee -as much as i want- and since my Hubbie has a sim card in his computer : I can post in my blog, visit “Hobbyboden” and check out my Ravelry-site! Can’t get much better than this.

We are going home today. My oldest is to be dropped off at work at 3:00 and that means we have lots of time to clean up after our days up here. I could have stayed longer but school is starting for her (high school,1st year, and for me who has some planning days before the students start in a week. Hubbie is also ready for home office from Monday, and will get in the car an go to his office Tuesday morning..

One response to “7:00 AM Sunday morning

  1. høres ut som en deilig morgen!

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