Evening meditation

Knitting can be like meditation for me..

Tonight I brought out an alpacca yarn project. Needed a break from my two big knitting projects. This neck warmer was started late last winter. I have a pair of wrist warmers and a hat in the same yarn, so this should be ready for the coming winter , completing the set, if everything is right in  the world…

It is noticable that fall is approaching and it is kind of sad in a way. Probably because i spent the first 4 weeks of my 7 week long holiday in pain (as I mentioned before..) But now I have been pretty much pain free and as I sit here in my chair thinking about this I realize that there are many nice hours ahead of me when I sit knitting at night, in front of the TV with Hubbie and/or the girls sipping tea or wine, candles lit and a fire going. Definetly; fall can be a really good thing.

2 responses to “Evening meditation

  1. Flott farge! God helg!

  2. akk…du har rett og jeg har strikket for mye men det var så lenge siden og jeg bruker også strikkingen som en slags terapi og det er et hersens liv å klare seg uten….skal heldigvis til katttene hele neste uke og da klarer jeg meg uten….lykke til med strikkingen din!

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