Workday- and weekend ahead

I just got to work but we are starting in another 10 minutes and I’m doing a bit of blogging in the meantime..

This Friday is going to be different! Maybe it seems insignificant to you,but to me it is HUGE: I did a lot of house cleaning yesterday so today I’ll come home to a clean house and can start ENJOYING the weekend instantly!!

During the school year this is very rare; I usually come home to a house in desperate need of cleaning but we are all drained of energy and I often have to have a 15 minute snooze on the couch just to be able to drag myself out the door for a walk with the dog…. and housework gets done over the next two days instead. Not a good strategy!

Maybe this school year will go by with a better strategy, since I don’t suffer from the bad headaches anymore, seems like (I’m hoping it won’t return either!!) One can always hope and be optimistic.

So have a good weekend! the weather is supposed to be all right, too!

One response to “Workday- and weekend ahead

  1. Så flott at hodepinen har gitt seg! Lykke til med nytt skoleår og takk for at du deler masse flotte bilder fra hytta deres – nydelig sted dere har 🙂 God helg til deg og dine her fra Oslofjorden 🙂

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