storage space needed!

We have double garage where half is ours, the other half is the neighbours’. Now we agreed with them to make an addition in the back because we both needed more storage space. With two cars, bicycles, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, firewood etc we just don’t know where to put it in the winter time!

Hubby has never done any carpentry work before, but the neighbour has, so on Friday, when I came home from work, they were both out there working away. Hubby claimes he gets a combined course in carpentry and Norwegian language at the same time.

This is how far he got on Saturday. He did more today, I just haven’t taken any pictures yet (will do tomorrow)..shot taken from the entrance…

…from the porch.

Don’t understand what’s going on with my photoes when inserted here. .. Never happened before. They get way too big- or small like this. oh well…

Anyhow- Good job so far Hubby!( he is sitting here beside me, stiff and sore!)

One response to “storage space needed!

  1. Så kjekt da! Lagringsplass får man aldri nok av, det er helt sikkert.

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