Saturday bliss

One of the blissful moments of a Saturday at home is the afternoon when the coffee is brewing and today’s papers are in my lap.

On Thursday night I visited my friend who is home from Japan. She has her apartment not far from here, and a mutual friend of ours was also there. We talked and laughed for three hours- and i knitted on my alpacca neck-warmer-thinga-ma-jig the whole time (except when eating ice cream and berries..) So I got this far:

Last night I finnally did a more excact measurement of Hubby’s body in order to figure out that I had to start the Cobblestone sleeves before working further on the body of the sweater. This is the result so far. knitted a little while visiting Mom this afternoon, too..

I know we had pizza last weekend but I made a double batch of dough so I am now thawing it..

 It is just Hubby and I at home. The oldest is on the scout trip (had an SMS, she is doing fine) and the Youngest was invited out for a girls’ evening from 5.00 to 10.00 at a friend’s house. I suspect this is the first Saturday we’ve ever been at home by ourselves!

I’ll be knitting later:)

One response to “Saturday bliss

  1. Så deilig med en dag alene! Gleder meg til å se Cobblestone ferdig. Det er en genser jeg lurer på om jeg skal strikke.

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