Yardwork before fall sets in. Also some knitting.

My outdoor plants are still holding up, so in that sense i guess we could say it is summer still..

but it’s definetly getting cooler and it takes longer for the grass to dry in the morning. I moved some lawn chairs and tables up to the porch today and that was just the beginning! Hubby had decided to cut grass and trim bushes and hedges before it’s too late. Next weekend he’ll be finishing the shed so it was now or never.

We bagged an enormous amount of clippings that Hubby will drive to the dump tomorrow

On Saturday Hubby cleaned out the garage so that there is room for his car. it’s been a mess for a while..

It was Hubby’s workshop for the restoration of his old vintage snow mobile (see the workbench?)

So now fall is slowly approaching and in the clean-up of the garage we found a few pieces of left over firewood from last year. It reminds me that there will be nights ahead where I’ll be knitting by the fireplace.

And this is how far I’ve gotten on the Cobblestone sleeve:

I also found time to do laundry, make meatballs and iron! Ironing; can’t stand it. If I can postpone it; i will. Sometimes I put it on the counter in the kitchen so that it’ll be in my face until I do something about it.

The result: This plus all the loosecovers for my dining chairs.

My oldest is back from the scout trip, Hubby is beat and his hip with all its  14 screws is aching. He headed for our bedroom to watch TV there.

My plan is to hog the TV in the living room and watch Miss Marple while knitting- not because I like Agatha Christie (which I don’t) but I love English productions in general.

One response to “Yardwork before fall sets in. Also some knitting.

  1. Where is the picture of the vintage Snowmobile?

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