My Monday mornings are good this term. I start at 10:30 and can have a slow start at home. Not so this Monday morning; we had an appointment at the bank and I did a couple of other errands right after that. In the afternoon we had meetings that lasted so long that I didn’t even open my computer to start on something afterwards.

I wish I had a bulletin board on the side of my desk, but instead it is behind me. Nevertheless I always feel the need to decorate it with something more than just the useful charts and schedules that I need. So far this year I have put up some cute cut-outs from Beatrix Potter and one of Teesha Moore’s journal pages. More will be pinned on during the school year..

Remember  my collection postings? Here are something  more:

This is Hubby’s camera collection. (Three shelves are enough. He found that out too..)

No knitting did you say? Well, how about showing a much beloved animal?

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