I’ve got a bad cold, I sneeze, I use kleenex after kleenex, I cough, I feel weak, I want a nap after a night of very little sleep.. I want to lay down like this guy..

I walked uptown to get my car this morning. I drove last night and we were at the pub so I left the car there. My dog enjoyed being taken for an unexpectedly long walk at a time where she usually is given very little attention.

I did the shopping – and felt like napping after- instead I went to Mom’s for a coffee. It’s been like summer today, so we spent time on the porch and were only bothered by two, three hornets occationally.

Now my youngest is cooking supper (yippy!!!); I have lounged with the newspaper, listening to one of my favourite Saturday radio shows ( “2o Questions”) and have decided to have a nap after supper! (I love my radio, Hubby got it for my one Christmas a few years ago)

I took a walk in the yard  today: You know, I never planted this sunflower, but it’s a nice addiotion!

I had a friend over for coffee after supper yesteday, and I got a few rounds done on this. Otherwise my knitting is not pogressing much these days…

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