I slept till 8:30, thank goodness. I think I need to nap away today if possibe- and just sit around drinking coffee and hot tea wiht honey in order to get better. My head feels like it is full of wool – and wool is very good, only not inside my head.Hubby and I got up before the girls, usually we find the Yongest downstairs on the computer when we get up, but last night the Oldest came home from work at 11:30 and the two of them ended staying up for a while their parents wandered upstairs to the bed. This must be the new era setting in; the one where you have two teenagers in the house with all its implications. (so far- 99% good)

Last night we had a taste of the good side of it: The Youngest made the hot meal, she picked Forrest Gump for us to watch together (and of course we all cried at the same scenes as always)and she put snacks out for when we watched the film. They are growing up! I kinda like it! You wonder if you’re going to be sad about it when they are young, but once you’re there you realize you’ve grown into the circumstances just like you’re supposed to, I guess.

Gotta get back to my kleenex and some knitting so I have something to show you all tonight!

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