The Cobblestone body and one sleeve is now ready and I can start sleeve no.2 this week.

I have just knitted a few rounds and then I was done. (blurry photo, I know, but too weak to repeat the “ordeal”)

Really, my energylevel today has been so low that even knitting has been a little chore. For the most part I just sat there. in the recliner. wathcing tv. Took a walk over to the computer to check “stuff”. Walked back to the recliner. Walked out to the kitchen for more coffee. Walked back to the recliner…

Hubby made a BBQ dinner, the Oldest cancelled work today since she has a bad cold too, but she chipped in with some salad making for dinner.

I am at the end of the one side of the alpaca neck warmer. Will finish before bedtime.

I am so grateful that I do’t start work until 10:30 tomorrow. I’m going to need a slow start!

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