It’s getting cooler in the morning. Last night it rained quite a bit but in the morning the sun shone on everything wet and dried it up. Outside my kitchen window we had this beautiful view:

My neigbours lilies seen from the same window

I had a pretty full day at work but we had Arts and Crafts all morning, and my group of students drew Egyptian Art. It’s going to end up as a really good project this Egypt and Mesopotamia theme I think. I have plans that I hope will turn out the way I want it to.

At the end of the day we had music singing songs accompanied to the artists singing on You Tube and with lyrics fount on the internet. Fabulous Internet!

Our days are pretty busy during the week, someone running off in all directions almost every day of the week. Some of the schedules and things to remember is haphazardly stuck on the fridge..

Mom came over for supper and afterwards I went to the knitting cafe- and I got started on the second sleeve of the Cobblestone for Hubby, I drank three coffees and will probably have a hard time sleeping because of that- but it’s worth it. Besides I hav e my book on the bedside table and I’m getting close to the end. )There’s a lot of “yaketiyak” when women get together. The laughs are the best part!!!

It’s getting dark so much earlier now. Time for candles on the table when we curl up in the evening in front of the TV or like me; with knitting.

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