Slow evening

it was nice being at the weaving group and going to the knitting cafee these past two nights, but  tonight I have just been laying around on the couch with my dog reading a new interior decorating magazine and starting a new book. It’s been a cold, rainy day anyways; we had to turn on some heaters in the house and -Hubby even started a little fire.

 After work I took my time uptown going to the library to browse a little. I noticed a new book that I had heard about on the radio; Siri Hustvedts latest book: “The Sorrows Of An American”. They had it in English so I borrowed it. Have started it laying on the couch beside my dog.

I haven’t finished the other one i’m reading, but I am at the end now and it’s on my bedside table.(I love reading in bed. It’s a great way to wind down and put everything aside in your head.) I’m lucky that Hubby doesn’t mind me reading when he is going to sleep(although I still try to turn the pages very quietly- and I use a little flashlight instead of my lamp). the book I’m at the end of is called “The House at Riverton” by Kate Morton.

I am also sporadically reading chapters in a book about going through life at a slower pace , giving yourself time to reflect. You’ll find a Norwegian review of it here Myself I feel like life is pushing me in the back in order to get me to go faster almost every day, but being so busy and having to juggle too many things at the same time is not something I enjoy. Even as a young teenager I felt a need for time to reflect, look inward and think about what I was thinking about, if you know what I mean. (some of you do, if you’re not one of’em; forget the whole thing)

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