visual journaling

Coffee and cookies straight out of the oven this afternoon.


My youngest wanted to watch Junior Grand Prix with me tonight. it isn’t exactly my favourite show but it was surprisingly good artists this time- and I brought my journaling supplies over to the coffee table. What a great mentally relaxing activity that is!

my box of paper cut-outs, victorian pictures and other paper supplies

Neocolor II…. everyone that likes colouring should have them. they are water soluble.

Trying out the collage pieces.

I colour the water colour paper with the neocolor and go over with a wet brush

It’s drying.. I’m watching  Taggart on TV.

Tomorrow is Kjerringsveiven in town and I’m meeting an old friend uptown in the middle of the day.

One response to “visual journaling

  1. Stilig og ser morsomt ut å lage sånne bilder! Og de kjeksene der…mmmm……….blir veldig veldig fristet, men så har du tatt bildet på mest mulig fristende måte også da;-D

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