Weekend about to end..

Yesterday I spent uptown, the afternoon was somewhat lengthy. I don’t know what it is with me as opposed to most other women but I don’t enjoy the wandering around from store to store waiting around for someone else to do their errands.. My friend from out of town was using her birthday giftcard from three of us to get her hair done and she wanted me to meet her there. I did. I waited. Her other friend and I went up the street to watch som Jazzercize performance and then back to get our friend who was done at the hairdresser. After that we had a coffee at a coffeeshop and then she wanted to find a pair of pants. i waited. I know other women find an enormous enjoyment in this trying out clothes and having each other commenting on it, browsing the racks of clothes together . I don’t get it.There were also groceries for them to buy. I waited. I should have  just decided to meet them at night. I doubt they found my contribution to the social interaction pleasing. . And then there’s all the people you bump into while walking.. It just makes me absent minded. I seem to be unable to consentrate when we walk aimlessly..

I went home to my family and made supper. We ate together. I had a nap, a coffee and walked the dog. Those things all make more sense to me. They are real. I like them. I want them.

I went back out at night and we paid admission to get into an evening of entertainment from the local cabaret group and after that a group of men from out of town playing jazz. It was all really good. I really enjoyed it. When it was about to end we went over to the pub close by and managed to get in waiting in line for about five minutes. I met some girls from my school days. Haven’t seen them for years. I ended up staying until the pub closed. Very unusual for me. But it was nice. I live in walking distance so I walked home in the dark. It’s a nice walk in a cool autumn night. I’m glad the evening was enjoyable for all of us, I know the others enjoyed it too.

Today we took a drive up to the cottage to see the new roof that’s finished. We took the dog for a  walk on the mountain road. She  was so disappointed when we went towards the car afterwards instead of going back to the cottage!

For some reason my one leg is hurting today. I noticed my knee was achy when I was still in bed this morning and throughout the day it has only gotten worse. Will see how it is tomorrow. If it isn’t any better I should have it checked out.

My oldest wasn’t working today. Both the girls had some homework to catch up on . I cooked pork chops and the youngest made an apple crumble pie for dessert. It’s nice that both our girls are old enough to  do some cooking now.

Hubby is working on the door for the shed. It’s going to be nice with that extra storage space. I have to order some fire wood once it’s done.

This evening I took the dog for the usual evening walk.It is getting darker in the evenings now. And it was rain in the air. I like light rain. It smells good outside.


The rest of the evening was spent like this.Talk about trying to do it all at once..

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