Fall atmosphere

My morning started at 5:30. Hubby goes to his office out of town on Tuesday mornings. Usually I go back to sleep when he gets up but the last two times I’ve gotten up, wide awake. That means more time for coffee and, this time of year, a candle on the table.

By the time I got into the car it was raining. That’s okay.. a little fall rain is only good.

This was taken right outside the car as I parked by the school.

I was in the mood for taking photoes of the fall today so on my way home i knew there were some nice maple trees I could get nice shots of:

This is right next to where I go weaving on Tuesday nights. Today I couldn’t go because I had  parent meeting.

Since I had the parent meeting adn had to head back out early I made an omelette for supper; filled with red peppers, broccoli and ham. A sprinkle of chili powder. A little salad and some bread; and voila!


View from my door over to the neighbour’s apple tree. (They don’t use them so I usually gets a bag or two when they are ready. In return I bake an apple cake)

Got home from the meeting a little after eight and my dog hasn’t left my side.

In Saturdays paper this aricle was featured. I wish this designer had a web site! Her knitting shown in the article was so inspiring. Too bad I have two projects holding me up right now!!! Don’t you just wish you could be a designer of cool knits ans spend your day knitting, sketching new ideas, listening to the radio in the background, surrounded by inspiring photoes, yarns and swatches.

2 responses to “Fall atmosphere

  1. Når jeg ser på bildene dine husker jeg at høsten faktisk er favorittårstia mi, vakkert!

  2. So nice pictures!!!
    And, to the last sentence I answer…
    Ohhhhh…. Yesssssss ! (sigh) 🙂

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