No internet – no good!!

I was all set to write a ne post in this blog yesterday afternoon, coffee and my mom’s apple cake on the table after supper… and then : no internet! I realized as the night progressed how I missed it. I had to admit to a certain level of addiction to my blogging round and my forum connection..

But what do you do instead? No problem finding other things to get into for me. I am on the last few centimetres of the second sleeve of Cobblestone and I started a new book that seems very good. This author is well established in Norway now, but it’s the first time I read something of hers.

The whole town were affected by this computer trouble today. Bank terminals in the stores, some cell phones didn’t work, and then the internet on several workplaces..

I work right outside of town and luckily everything worked there. Everything works now though and apparently they had it fixed around four pm.

One response to “No internet – no good!!

  1. Datakrise er IKKE bra! Godt du er på nett igjen!

    “Tiden det tar” er en av mine favorittbøker! -Liker den litt sære stilen til Hanne Ørstavik kjempegodt 🙂

    Eplekaka så forresten uforskammet god ut…kanskje jeg skal bruke litt av fridagen min på kakebakst?…hvis jeg ooooorker 😉

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