It’s definetly fall. In our town the sun is slowly but surely disappearing from the streets. At the end of September it is gone and won’t beback until the end of March. It’s time to go to the cottage to take advantage of nice weather. Unfortunately it’s not a good weekend for going; my Oldest is workin, Hubby is leaving for a business trip on Sunday morning..

Another afternoon of  coffee at the kitchen table while supper was prepared. Made a pizza dough and we didin’t eat until six. But the coffee and a piece of chocolate while  leafing through the paper, talking to Hubby was a good way of starting the weekend..

But then I got drowsy and fell asleep on the couch afterwards..Why am I so tired ? Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep during the week.. Hubby was meeting some guys from work tonight, some of them probably with wifies tagging along too. I just wanted to stay here and do nothing, and even more so after the nap.

All I have been doing is finishing the one sleeve and watching TV. And I can’t help but long for my bed.

Tomorrow I’m planning on bringing the rest of the plants inside for the winter. I could use some macrame for the hanging ones- macrame is in again, but of course I have none! Made several of them  many years ago, but after a while it was a really tacky thing to have hanging anywhere in your house so out they went…

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  1. Det ser og lyder fantastisk i mine øre 🙂

  2. flott arm du har laget:-D blir spennende hvordan den blir sammen med resten!

  3. Har dere fått frostnetter allerede siden du må ta inn blomstene?
    Her har vi fått igjen strømmen, og ute er det varmere igjen.. Vi hadde en del fine dager med 16 grader om morgen og 24 om ettermidagen. jeg skulle rydde garasjsen i dag, men gir opp og går inn.. Ha en forsatt fin helg.

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