Saturday morning and the sun WILL come

I wrote this entire post… and it just vanished! Heck, I ‘ll do a short version of it now:

The sun is slowly crawling up the hillside in this town. It’ll come in our yard in about an hour. .

Sleeve finished last night:

 Here are the plants that I need to bring indoors. Still blooming and full of buds.

This one is a little off still, but I don’t think it got any fertilizer in the summer. (I gave it to my friend who came home from Japan for the summer. Now it is for me to keep alive over the winter)

a closer shot..

Tonight i might dig into this bag and pull out the last Cobblestone sleeve that is about to get finished. Then comes the challenge of getting them joined to the  rest of the sweater- by following an English pattern (not my strong side)

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