My plants have made it to the living room. (I hope they won’t get a shock from the temperature change. It crawled down towards zero last night- but not quite.. That’s way too early if you ask me..

It looks a little naked out there now…

And Hubby painted the first coat on the shed yesterday, and the firewood got delivered. (It’s tempting to burn some logs, but for the plants’ sake..)

I will try and drag the girls with me for a walk in the sun later today, the sun will come to the main street around noon.. I have decided to get the Cobblestone sleeve done (I’m having a hard time stay ing on the task these days..) I only need about four more centimetres! And I should be able to start the next sleeve on the pink/white cotton knitting..

Yesterday we had a real autumn meal: A steaming hot pot of reindeer meat. Onion, sour creme and a little bit of brown goat cheese in the gravy- yum! Mashed potatoes and lots of vegetables.

Today we’ll go for salmon. Hubby went to Germany this morning; he is the one who is picky about fish so the menu always looks  somewhat “fishy” when he in not at home. HA!

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