enjoying autumn


I have easy Mondays this school year. I start teaching at 11.30; two periods of English in grade 5. They are eager and they work hard. at 12.15 it’s time for teamwork and meetings for us teachers.

I’m having my breakfast and a steaming hot coffee while blogging and listening to teh Culture News on Radio P2.

My shoulders and neck are not doing so good these days, on Saturday I had to open the pill box for that horrible headache that I struggled with all spring this year- the one that takes a hold of my jaw and teeth and grinds like a torture device. I knew it was coming since I had to have long naps both on Thursday and Friday and my teeth started getting tender. But yesterday I was better so that gave me hope. My biggest fear is that it’s going to start up againg going full tilt for months. May that never happen! I can’t live normally when it’s on.. But I’ll choose to believe it’ll keep away from me if I just take it slow in my everyday life..

Took severeal photoes while walking the dog yesteday, noticing the turn of the seasons.

By the churchyard

By the church

One response to “enjoying autumn

  1. Nydelige høstbilder!
    Liker høsten selv jeg, og ingen forkjølelse skal få meg til å si noe annet:-D

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