Which one looks the most miserable? Emma above or me underneath?

This has been me practically every afternoon for the past 5-6 days. If you look at the table I even had a coffee this way! But yesterday I went to see the doctor and i’m now off sick for two weeks and back on the medication I got this spring for the weird headache.

I will take a long walk every day- the dog will like it!! I will read, knit, listen to the radio- and work on getting better at NOT looking at things that needs to be done around the house. It’ll be a good day today even if the head

Here is a few more rounds on the second sleeve. Did it last night so now I’m past the pattern that I had a bit of difficulty positioning.

5 responses to “

  1. God bedring, håper du klarer å kose deg litt selv om du er syk.

  2. God bedring fra meg også 🙂

    Nydelige bilder du tar forresten, og en skjønn voff på bildet der ja!!

  3. Så leit å høre at du ikke er i form. God bedring!

  4. Det er ikke koselig å være syk. Migrene vet jeg alt om, håper du ikke har det, men at alt retter seg og at du er på bedringens vei! God bedring og lykke til med strikketøyet!

  5. Det er da skrækkeligt…..Jeg sender noget varme og sol her fra København 🙂

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