When fall arrives I always miss Canada. The autumn in Ontario is always long, colourful and beatiful. for a few years we liveds in a house where we had pear trees and walnut trees. All the maple trees make even the Norwegian mountain colours seem pale. There are fall fairs, garage sales, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Pies, fruits, comfort foods like stews to be made and big pumpkin patches to visit, quilt shows to marvel at, walks in the woods….the list is endless.

We do have some maple trees here too, though

But there was one thing from here that I missed when i lived there: The sight of  birch tree trunks! I know it sounds weird, but I always liked those three trunks so much. And they probably symbolized Norway for me while living there. In my neighbourhood there was one, one single birch tree, and i used to walk past there often even if it was a bit out of my way. I would touch it too 🙂

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  1. Vondt av deg :o(

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