worked a little on the cobblestone this morning.

..and a little on this sleeve while watching Gilmore Girls this afternoon (man, they talk fast on that show)

There are chestnuts falling from the trees now, cracking open when they hit the ground.

Makes me think of an owl..

I put out some journal pages I had prepped and did a couple of more in order to make sure I had a few to bring along to Rome.

When I got the headaches back, I started worrying about the trip and how it would go. We’ve had so many trips in this family that has gone wrong or things have happened in advance that has given us trouble – even stopped us from being able to go- that I sometimes wonder if we’ve been jinxed. If I started listing it all you would definetly think I was lying through my teeth.. So well keep it at this: enough said already.

I’ll call my doctor tomorrow and get him to write me a letter stating I have been prescribed the medication that I’ll bring. I wouldn’t want any trouble at the airports because of that!

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