Weekend activities and in-activities

Friday night i spent alone in our house. i don’t think that has ever happened…

My youngest was away at confirmation camp for the weekend. My oldest was at a birthday party. The Hubby was sleeping over in Sweden, on his way home from Germany with his boss.

This is how I spent my evening:

Today my oldest and I went out of town, shopping for clothes. It’s an hour and a half drive to where we wanted to go, so my daughter had fun taking  photoes on the way there.

We went to the big mall and found the clothes we needed.

Here is a rare photo with me in it.

and of course we had a meal.. Followed by sinful-but delicious- treats.

Fall has been so dry and cool that the colours are vibrant some places. Today was a rather warm day, however, up to 18 C!

Here are some shots from our drive back through the woods.




Back home we made lasagne and waited for Hubby who was about two hours behind us. i’m glad he’s home. This is the first business trip this fall and it takes some getting used to after a long period where he is honme for the most part..

it’s getting late. He has crawled into his own bed as opposed to hotel beds- and all I want is to curl up behind his back and go to sleep myself. But you know what; even though we took a long drive today, and walked around a crowded mall for a couple of hours, i haven’t had a single bout of head aches. It was heaven!

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