My headaches are fewer and farther between now that I’m just staying at home and my day is fairly inactive and shielded from the regular humdrum. It’s nice. I savour every hour of no pain.

But I notice muscles almost cramping in my facial area and /or teeth and forehead as soon as something remotely stressful approaches. A discussion in the family( not even a biggie), someone adressing me by starting a sentence like: “You should… ” or “Do remember to..”  That’s pretty bad reacting so strongly to something so small. It’s not a good sign. But I make sure I don’t allow my thoughts to revolve around negatives, I do pleasant things, I give myself the mental space I need. Hubby says I seem like I got my mind elsewhere these days. I’m right here… I just need to be in a “spaced out “sort of state for a while. Hopefully that’ll fix me right up… And mostly I am not thinking about anything. Maybe about yarn…

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