It’s just too damn early! Snow on the mountain tops!!! It’s October 1st for heaven’s sake!

This morning I had to take my car in for an EU inspection which meant I had to walk home afterwards. It was cold, I should’ve put on wool here and there. And as the fog lifted from the very rainy day yesterday – and long into the night- I saw the snow on this valley ‘s surrounding mountains! But it looked nice against the many coloured trees,I must admit. And I regretted I hadn’t brought my camera.

After the 45 minute walk I got home, went straight for my camera and headed back out to take some cool photoes… And the battery was dead.

So this not-very p-good photo is all I can show for, the fog lifted hours ago, the snow has gone from several of the spots… But still!An outrageous proof..


So now we have a fire going .

Supper is in the oven, there’s a knitting cafe happening later tonight, my sister is coming to town and we’ll meet at my mother’s house in the evening.. All good stuff.

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  1. Ser ut som du må rydde litt ja. 🙂 Ha ein fin dag 🙂

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