I went to our weekly knitting cafe last night. We were’nt tmore than 5 this time. Some of the ladies were travelling and some may have been unable for other reasons.. Here are some shots anyway. The one lady knits hats, mittens and bags to sell these days..

A new sock pattern was found in a German magazine last time and one of the ladies  translated it and tried it out. Copies was handed out to us all.

There has been no more rain or snow which is good. The one lady came down from the mountains last night and then the roads were dry. This morning the car window was glazed with a thin layer of ice, though…..

I keep looking at this:


But I have to do a little bit of house work and my experience is that I’ll be going crazy with hot flashes if I start a fire before the house work is done.

My head is pretty good today, just some tightness in the lower jaw and tender teeth, yesterday it was a bit more annoying in that respect. But no severe attacks, for which I am eternally grateful!!!

I’m having people over for supper, my mother, my sister (who is visiting mom for a couple of days) and my aunt who is coming to visit from out of town today. Hubby is sleeping over one more night in his room at the out-of-town office, so it’ll be an all-girl supper tonight.

As for my own knitting I cannot keep posting photoes of my Cobblestone.. Too boring. But I know i’ll have to start thinking of what to bring to Rome (and on the plane!!)It’ll have to be small and easy. Maybe i’ll have time to lug something out later today.

From here:

Yes- I know it needs a round of organizing!

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  1. Strikkekafeer er hyggelig, håper jeg snart kommer meg avgårde på en igjen. God tur til Roma!

  2. Innimellom er det kjekt med de små strikkekafeene – der du har sjanse til å snakke med alle. Det ser ut som om du har en del garn du også!

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