• I’ve had a very good day: I felt really good in the morning, my head, my jaw and teeth were fine, I started out early , did some laundry and washed the floors on the main floor. After I had a shower my sister came by and we took a trip uptown to do some shopping.
  • She dropped me off at home around 1:30 and I did some ironing that I had postponed for days and days…
  • I started thinking that I might overdo it, since I seem to get so drained by filling up my day doing too many things. But I guess this will show if I’m starting to get my energy back I thought…
  • I made supper, the visitors came around four, the girls came home from school. We ate a good supper, made coffee and had good conversations until the whole thing broke up by my sister and mom leaving. My aunt and I took the dog for a walk, and when I came home I just sat wiht my laptop for a while..
  • Then I noticed how drained I am. My body is a bit stiff, my legs “sore” kind of, and I long for this:

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