There will be Roman foods next week for me and the girls. Pasta, pizza, tiramisu and gelato.And we will be so filled with impressions from Roman history, art and culture that we will have difficulties processing it all. We will draw and write about it, complain about sore feet.We wil turn on italian TV at night because we are too tired to do anything else- and laugh ourselves silly because even English movies are dubbed…We are leaving Monday, but only to stay overnight at Gardermoen, since our flight leaves early Tuesday morning.

But for today we are sticking to what might be the choice of dinner at a lot of Norwegian households on a Saturday night (even thoughit is so far from Norwegian as can be..) Taco

It’s just us girls again, Hubby took a friend and the dog with him up to the cottage. We haven’t had a chance to be up there much this fall.

The mandatory Saturday goodies in any Norwegian home:

Just to even it out; we do put something a bit healthier on the coffeetable, too

We have rented and apartment in Rome and will find a market and a grocery store after we have arrived so we can put some breakfast in the fridge. Lunches and dinners we will eat out as we wander around sightseeing.

I bought some acid free album sheets that are thick and stiff enough to journal on when we’re there. Had to try one out tonight together with the markers I picked up at the same time.

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