Fall and winter at the same time

Living in a place like this we are always intensely aware of the change of seasons.

These are photoes from the balcony outside my bedroom upstairs this morning. Autumn leaves on the hedge down below, snow in the mountains..

Last week we could see snow on the mountain tops surrounding the valley, today I got a message on the phone from my sister who is up at the cottage right across from our cottage where Hubby is now: 8,5 cm of snow in the course of the night! (hope they will be okay going down to the valley in the afternoon, driving on summer tyres) took a photo in the direction of the cottages, too. Sunny up there now, though:

Down here it was really windy last night, had to close the bedroom window before sleeping. The rain came down in buckets:

These shots are from the balcony  right before midnight.

Today is packing and organizing, and a little bit of planning for the second and third day in Rome.

One response to “Fall and winter at the same time

  1. Nydelige bilder igjen! For oss her er det litt eksotisk og vakkert med snø så tidlig *fnis* – Travle tider (store musikalske opplevelser !) her om dagen, så i tilfelle jeg ikke rekker innom: God tur til Roma!

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