The girls and I are back from Rome. Came home late last night after a long day of travelling. All we’ve been doing today- except putting on some laundry- is relax at home. It was four days of awesome experiences, great sightseeing,


(Trevi fountain)

good food,

marvellous red wine

 and my head didn’t give me too many problems!

Took so many photoes that I don’t know what to post.. We journaled at night, and sometimes during our walk-abouts..

But it is true what they say: “home, sweet home!

2 responses to “Rome.

  1. Ser ut som en deilig tur! Roma står på ønskelista her i huset. Noro-nøste-bildet ditt ga meg akutt strikkelyst i går kveld – så akutt at jeg ikke la igjen en liten takk engang 😉 Men nå gjør jeg det, altså! Ha ei fin uke!

  2. Tre smukke kvinder i Rom – sikke en oplevelse 🙂

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