Frosty fall morning

A slow Saturday morning like this… and knowing that when we are done showering and having breakfast- in good time- we head up to the cottage to stay overnight. Lovely! It’s frosty outside.

Last night was spent curled up by the fireplace for the most part. i’m surprised I managed to pry myself away for a while in order to vacuum doghairs upstairs and in the basement where we hang laundry (amazing how much dog hair still sticks to the clothes after a round in the washing machine!) I also cleaned toilets and bathroom. But still- an evening in bliss by the fire..

 It’s true what I read in a book about savouring the slow living as opposed to the stressful everyday life we often fall victim to.. It translates something like this: The best things in life happens in the spaces in between.

I’ve had my two coffees now and are ready to jump in the shower and wake up my oldest. Some shopping will be done on our way up to the mountains and the rest is going to be just fiiiiiiine! Have a good weekend.

Showing off what my youngest has made and put on the fridge:

One response to “Frosty fall morning

  1. Koselig med haust!
    Ha ei fin helg med hyttetur;)

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