..and now for the photoes from Heaven:

couldn’t get them into the post up at the cottage, now we are at home I, I have unpacked and am having a coffee while sitting at the computer, so here are the shots taken today:

The frosted fire pit outside the cottage

The sun coming up, view towards the  farm farther in on Hardangervidda and on Møsvann:


Someone is eagerly hoping for some egg for breakfast:

I was served both a steak dinner with wine last night and a bacon and egg breakfast this morning. Thanks for a very nice weekend, Hubby. It’s the first time in 17-18 years that we’ve been up there just the two of us. The girls chose to stay at home and they are girls that can be trusted so that’s fine..

After breakfast we took the dog for a little walk. Her favourite activity up there (anywhere ese, too, for that matter!)

My favourite time of year at the cottage is the fall. Especially when it’s dry weather.


There were ice on the puddles

I got a Lizard Ridge block finished last night…

..and started another one right before we left the cottage.

3 responses to “..and now for the photoes from Heaven:

  1. Det ser ut som en deilig hyttetur. For en fantastisk natur! Kos deg videre i dag!

  2. Fantastisk natur.
    Den slags mangler vi i Danmark 🙂

  3. Du har bare blitt så fantastisk flink til å ta bilder!! JEg er imponert!

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