No more energy on my part!

Home at last.. All that driving for a quick visit to that machine, 4 shots of  two totally squished boobs- and down to the shopping centre for some serious YARN-FONDLING! After a lot of that, I managed to brace myself and not go totally nuts with my bank card. But still…. some money was spent.

Can’t describe everything I’m showing since I do get visitors in here that are curious. Especially before Christmas. And some things are to be kept secret. But I can show something, although maybe not with a full explanation of what it is…

For myself: A new journaling book and a couple of pens

some buttons for a winter coat


 this is hopefully going to be a  small sucess story:

and this is something I’m hoping will be a different sucess- but cannot show any more. let it be the mystery of the month..

Driving that much  in one day plus teaching in the morning is a little much for someone who was just recently off work due to massive headaches and jaw problems, but this tied me over on the way home:

Even as the adrenalin pumped through quite a few moments of this:

It has been a pretty nice day. As soon as I drove out of the valley there was sunshine and colourful leaves. Left before noon- on my way back as it is getting dark around 6-6.30

 Mom’s supper, dessert and coffee was heavenly after. And I took a little stroll with doggie after. It’s getting a little wet and windy again. But I’m going to bed soon… Just have to watch my literature show on TV first.

One response to “No more energy on my part!

  1. Sikke nogle skønne ting du købte 🙂

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