Windy! ..and people doing great favours for me!

The wind is throwing everything about out there..

A tree on the neighbours’ side of the fence was uprooted. Not a very big and thick tree, but nevertheless!   I walked the dog in strong winds, it was a shorter walk than we usually do. It rained too, so it wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience! Hubby made a fire – and our chimney is long so the fire didn’t go out. I curled up with my coffee and most hesitantly tore myself away from the crochet hook to put some laundry on.

I’ve made an extra supper tonight, a soup on good stock- and I just put it in the freezer for when we are to busy to cook around here. I was also supposed to bake this week because my daughter’s class is having this lunch thing and parents were asked to contribute. But my Mom said she would do it for me, so tomorrow I just pick up the cakes to put them in my freezer for when they are supposed to be delivered. I’m so grateful Mom!

My supplies for my new weaving projects have arrived from the out-of-town store and I am still new to the setting the loom up (don’t even know if that’s the right expression in English). One of the weaving ladies, who also spent an evening wiht me in order to find out what I needed- and how much- said we could get me started on Sunday if I wanted to. What a great favour! I’m really thankful to you, Helene! That means that next Tuesday I can continue on that, plus take down what I’ve been working on before.

I also have som little knitting and crocheting ideas for Christmas presents so today I bought a couple of yarn balls so I can experiment a little before I decide on type of yarn (above and underneath here) and how to knit/chrocet in order to get what I want .

I had to start my journaling right away on Tuesday since I had bought a new book..

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