Peace in the valley

As it starts getting dark out I have the opportunity to take some shots because my oldest is going on a trip with the scouts. They are using the cable car to get up to the mountains. The scouts have a cottage up there that is used quite frequently. She loves these trips. and since they are older they get to wake the younger ones in the middle of the night to go hunting for posts in the dark. Outside. They just couldn’t wait.    And I can’t wait to see how tired (and grumpy from lack of sleep ?) she’ll be when she gets home on Sunday..

This is where the cable cars start. There is a red and a blue one; the Blueberry and the Cranberry

You can see the Gausta top from here, but from the side.


By the time I’m home it’s dark.  That’s fall…

I’m ready to curl up with my little experimental crochet project, TV and a whole weekend ahead of me.

One response to “Peace in the valley

  1. Sleng beina opp i sofaen og kos deg i helgen!

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