Crazy winds!

The wind is awful here today. An we are right in the “epicentre” of it. The neighbours rooftiles have loosened and some have fallen down.. My car is parked very near, but so far none of them has hit anything. i hope it will be okay.

Nonetheless we are going out tonight to meet a childhood friend of mine and her husband. They live out of town so we usually don’t see them more than a couple of times a year. i doubt we’ll walk!!!! as a matter of fact…. maybe we shouldn’t go…

Here is a photo of my neighbours tree that just fell over, uprooted.. It’s taken through the window with rainddrops on it,that’s why it’sblurry. Hubby and dog just came from a record short walk. He said the rain whippes so hard against your face it hurts! They were both soaked!

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