Just got home after an evening out

We’ve been with friends we hardly ever see tonight. Met them at the pub. My friend – whom is the one I ‘ve known for the longest time (since … as long as I can remember) was in town with her partner. We met uptown in the pub and spent a nice  evening with them, yaking away as if we’re never apart.  They live a good five hour drive from here so we often don’t see each other more than once or twice a year. Boy, is it nice once it happens! Thank you folks for a nice evening. I know now that she reads my blog every now and then..

The youngest has a friend sleeping over. The wind has died down a little, but we didn’t think she would like it by herself in this weather. So this arrangement was good. They rented a movie and bought goodies. Now they are upstairs in my youngest’s room. Beds are made but they are wide awake I can hear….

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