Dark Monday night

It got dark so fast this afternoon since we have turned back the clocks! I had some parent-teacher interviews after regular working hours and by the time I got in the car it started getting dark already. I thought I had to go to a meeting again right away but when I read the papers more thoroughly than the first time, I realized it wasn’t necessary.

So then I took the girls with me to the library hoping they could find themselves some books that would get them reading… till the last chapter! And I must admit we managed to kill the last of the Sunday dessert with a coffee afterwards!

apple crumble reaheating in the oven..

My walk with the dog tonight was spent listening to this digital book:THE BOOK THIEF  (or in Norwegian: Boktyven)

I’ve spent time doing only little unimportant, but pleasant, little things after that: painting some pages in my journal and cutting some appealing stuff out of old magazines, for future collaging..



I’m going to try collaging, colouring and writing… and colouring more on them in order to find out if this book can withstand such treatment. If not , i need a different one for that purpose

Yesterday was spent starting a new weaving project. I’m going back to continue the preparation tomorrow. This is all new to me, I’m learning- and it is interesting. I brought the loom I first got a hold of, home, and I’ll finish the rag projects on that one here..

The sound of it will drive everybody crazy. .. They should flee the house every now and then, shouldn’t they?

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