Some snow came down towards the afternoon.. I took this photo out of the window at school while waiting for parents arriving for parent- teacher interviews.

In other parts of the country the amount of snow was considerably bigger than here.. It’s too early. Let at least Hallowe’en be over and  letNovember start before I have to shovel snow out of the driveway!!!

I got home really late and I waited restlessly for this soup made on good stock. We didn’t eat until 6:30.

I’ve been putting some magazine cut-outs on my painted journal pages since last time.. They are only half- done..

I used Caran d’ache neocolour II for colouring.

I was supposed to go to the knitting cafe, but coming home this late made me decide to stay home. I’ll have a coffee and then walk the dog. Nine hours of social interaction of pedagogical nature leaves me with no urge for any more company than my two girls- if they want to come talk to me… Hubby is out of town working as he usually is from Tuesday till Thursday.

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